Our Lunch is Alive

One day, our good friend Sofia told us that she went to The Mythical Dragon restaurant, and ordered the delicacy of balut. She explained that the chick inside of her egg hatched, and started running around the restaurant. We thought that this was a figment of her imagination because she usually makes up stories about mythical creatures, including the one when she saw a unicorn.

We wanted to prove the authenticity of her story, so we decided to eat at The Mythical Dragon for lunch. We both ordered different delicacies. One of us ordered balut, and the other one of us ordered a suckling pig. We were starving, so once the plates arrived to our table, we were ready to devour them. However, when we took our fork and knife, both of our lunches jumped out of our plates and started running ungainly around the restaurant. They knocked into everything and made a mess.

Everybody started screaming and running out of the restaurant, and we were left in solitude with our food. Outside of the restaurant, everyone was shouting derogatory comments to the chef, about how he didn’t slaughter the animals before serving them. Meanwhile, we were creating what we thought was an astute plan, in order to catch the animals which scavenged for an exit. The plan consisted of using coats made out of bird plumage in order to dress up as chickens and attract the chick toward us. Nevertheless, once the chick and the pig saw us they ran away from us. They probably knew that we were their predators.

Since our initial plan didn’t work, we used our prior experience trying to catch my mouse with a pan, as our new plan. Although I was able to catch the chick, my friend didn’t have much luck. The pig was running wildly around the restaurant knocking down everything on it’s path. Her last resource was to throw herself on top of it, in order to stop it. I wanted to make sure that the pig would not escape, so I threw myself on top of my friend. The poor pig, was vulnerable to our weight and did not move.

We went outside with both animals, and wore victorious grins on our faces. Everybody clapped for us. We made the restaurant pay us back, and on our way home we went to tell Sofia about our experience at The Mythical Dragon. We admitted that her story was true. She said that all of her stories were true. The question now is, did she really saw a unicorn?