Where I am From Poem

Based on the poem from: George Ella Lyon

I am from books

From organized shelves and bubble wrap

I am from the brightest room

(Peaceful, secure, the breeze was what could only be heard)

I am from the snapdragon flower

Full of strength, growing every day with courage

I’m from the dinner table and big feet

From Hernan Giraldo and Margarita Mutis

I’m from the family sundays and Christmas family reunions

From “You are the eldest, you are supposed to be more responsible” and “You must take care of your sister”

I’m from the He sacrificed for us, and was hanged from a cross for the forgiveness of all sins

I am from Colombia

Lemons and cherries

From the parachute lesson my mother refused to complete during my grandfather’s military training

The tumultuous time my father had when he moved from Medellin to Bogota with his siblings.

On a TV table in my apartment are three photo albums, all filled with different faces and moments which have shaped our identity and kept us together through all this time.



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